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Selling Enterprise Solutions to the US Federal Government

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Lately we've seen the job postings for various verticals from travel to automotive and TV to telecom, but now Google is on the lookout for sales engineers and representatives plus someone to head their Washington-based, Federal Sales Team which is part of Google Enterprise. So what's Google selling the Feds? Apparently, the ideal person for the post of Federal Sales Team lead, is expected to "deliver the same technology that powers Google's award-winning search engine to leading corporations and government agencies". And where exactly would this tech be used, well it's been hinted that deployment would take place at corporate intranets, extranets, and public websites. Sounds interesting…

After having a quick glance at what sales engineers and representatives on the Federal Sales Team were required to do, I've figured out that, Google Earth Enterprise (GEarth) and the Google Search Appliance (GSA) will be the focus products targeted at governmental agencies by Google. But it would be an understatement to say that, Google is trying to entice potential clients in the federal government with just GEarth and the GSA. I don't think so, I believe there's more to this (OneBox may have something to do with this) than what's up at the jobs page on Google because for starters, the think tanks at Google's Federal Sales unit have already identified an interested buyer and possibly an existing customer — the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).


And there's some major bucks to be made since Google is looking at about $30K to 100K as a result of the sales of these enterprise solutions, some of which might still be in development, others at the pre-launch phase or as active releases.


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Googler Sheds Some Light on GCal’s future API & Feeds

Last thursday, John Panzer at AOL and a member of the IMC (Internet Mail Consoritum) mailing list, emailed one of GCal's developers, Kyle Marvin, who's also on the IMC List the following:

"Google Calendar has launched (and there was much rejoicing). It uses Atom feeds for public calendar information. I'm wondering if these have been documented somewhere".

To which Kyle responded by saying that:

"The extensions used in the Calendar feed will definitely be documented and those docs should be available soon. The Calendar Data API support (these feeds plus the ability to programmatically create, query, edit, and delete Calendar events)
isn't officially launched yet… the release is going to be slightly staggered from the main Calendar Web UI launch that happened today.

The best place to look for API info once it is available (and to send any feedback about it) will be in the Google Calendar Data API Group that has been set up for this purpose. More announcements will be made there (soon) once the full API launch happens".

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Financial Aid, Students & New Tech Interests

The countdown has started and the deadline is almost around the corner for Google Scholarship Program applications while the Internet giant is shopping at universities in Canada to staff it’s new RnD office and although the Aussie graduate — Ori Allon and his search engine algorithm have been snapped up by Google, but it doesn’t stop there as new data surfaces on Google’s interest in a product developed by Israel’s top hi-tech expert.

In less than 48 hours, applications for Google’s offer of financial aid to the HCF (Hispanic College Fund) for Compute Science/Engineering Master’s and PhD students will come to a close at the start of the weekend (April 15th), so if you’re interested in getting atleast $5,000 in tutition fees/individual awardee of the $100,000 Google Scholarship Program,then you’d need to act fast and apply here ASAP!

Last Summer, Google acquired ReqWireless, a Canadian mobile-tech startup by University of Waterloo (UW) graduate — Roger Skubowius, who was then pulled in as a Googler. ReqWireless is specialized in creating applications for viewing e-mail and web content on various wireless devices. A month ago, Google sent in Craig Nevill-Manning who is their Chief Engineer and Director of the Manhattan office to the UW campus to host a geek party-style career fair titled “Let’s Talk”. According to the article –‘Waterloo Welcomes Google‘ in IMPRINT which is the UW Student newspaper, ‘the purpose of the event was to extend an invitation to UW students to apply to Google openings in Waterloo and their other offices, as well as to feed the curiosity of attendees interested in hearing about Google’s existing and upcoming technology‘.

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