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Googler Sheds Some Light on GCal’s future API & Feeds

Last thursday, John Panzer at AOL and a member of the IMC (Internet Mail Consoritum) mailing list, emailed one of GCal's developers, Kyle Marvin, who's also on the IMC List the following:

"Google Calendar has launched (and there was much rejoicing). It uses Atom feeds for public calendar information. I'm wondering if these have been documented somewhere".

To which Kyle responded by saying that:

"The extensions used in the Calendar feed will definitely be documented and those docs should be available soon. The Calendar Data API support (these feeds plus the ability to programmatically create, query, edit, and delete Calendar events)
isn't officially launched yet… the release is going to be slightly staggered from the main Calendar Web UI launch that happened today.

The best place to look for API info once it is available (and to send any feedback about it) will be in the Google Calendar Data API Group that has been set up for this purpose. More announcements will be made there (soon) once the full API launch happens".

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Search & AdWords API Engineer, Bids Google A Final Farewell

Nelson Minar, one of the main shakers and movers behind Google's Web APIs has officially announced on his blog that he's leaving Google after 5 years with the Internet Giant. Based out of the Googleplex in San Francisco, Nelson built the Search & AdWords APIs while tweaking around with other interesting stuff like a bunch of Java webapp work, object-relational mappings and servlet infrastucture.

In his blog, Minar wrote:

"Today's my last day as an employee of Google. It feels a bit strange leaving such a great and productive company. But I'm ready to do something new with a smaller group of people. I particularly enjoyed being able to meddle and consult on various products as they were being born. "

Prior to joining Google in 2001, Nelson used to be a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab Software Agents Group where one of the open source projects he created was a distributed agent architecture for building decentralized applications out of ecologies of mobile agents, later code-named as Hive.

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