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Google Won Two Patents Today — 7,031,961 & 7,031,954

It was just less than a week ago, that Google were granted a patent for voice interface for a search engine, and today they've awarded the patents for Document retrieval system with access control (Patent# 7,031,954) and System and method for searching and recommending objects from a categorically organized information repository (Patent# 7,031,961).

The patent, Document retrieval system with access control which was filed 9 years ago, has got me thinking about Writely, that somehow does go with reverts and rollbacks now, doesn't it? As for the second patent, System and method for searching and recommending objects from a categorically organized information repository, looks to me as though it could be a reference to a combination of Google's services like Orkut, Google Groups, Blogspot, GCal or even Personalized Search.

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Screenshots of Google Calendar on Opera Web Browser

Well since I had previously seen that Google were trying to get GCal working on non-Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers, such as Opera, Safari and Konqueror, I decided to do some experimenting with GCal on Opera 8.5 and believe me it did work at the start but then GCal broke and stopped working. Anyways, here are some of the screenshots, please click on them too see enlarged versions:

The above screen was the dialog that resulted from the code execution where GCal allowed one to see the compatible browsers on the overview page, but gave you the option of continuing to browse in case you weren't on firefox or internet explorer.

This screen below, is the starting point of the calendar, looked fine to me and the 'manage calendars' link did sorta' spill into the 'search public calendars' box, but it didn't bother me much, plus I could see my events on the grid, so I was happy:

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Googler Sheds Some Light on GCal’s future API & Feeds

Last thursday, John Panzer at AOL and a member of the IMC (Internet Mail Consoritum) mailing list, emailed one of GCal's developers, Kyle Marvin, who's also on the IMC List the following:

"Google Calendar has launched (and there was much rejoicing). It uses Atom feeds for public calendar information. I'm wondering if these have been documented somewhere".

To which Kyle responded by saying that:

"The extensions used in the Calendar feed will definitely be documented and those docs should be available soon. The Calendar Data API support (these feeds plus the ability to programmatically create, query, edit, and delete Calendar events)
isn't officially launched yet… the release is going to be slightly staggered from the main Calendar Web UI launch that happened today.

The best place to look for API info once it is available (and to send any feedback about it) will be in the Google Calendar Data API Group that has been set up for this purpose. More announcements will be made there (soon) once the full API launch happens".

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PaloAlto’s Dev Team Gifted a Google AdWords Fridge

Yesterday the dev team at Palo Alto Software received a nifty yet sweet gift from their friends over at Google on reaching their millionth PPC lead through AdWords. It seems like the fridge courtesy of Google AdWordsis being looked at as more than just a fridge. In a special blog opened just for the Google Fridge (a.k.a The Cooler) by the coders at Palo Alto Software, a team member writes:

"Actually it’s quite an honor to receive this newest addition to our development team. We were so excited about our new team member, we decided to dedicate this blog to the Google Fridge, so you all can enjoy in his journey with us here on our team.

Please be advised, this will be an unedited look into the highs and lows of the Google Fridge as he joins us on our daily adventures here at Palo Alto. No holds barred… he seems pretty strong willed but should prove to be a valuable asset to the team!"

Personally I've never seen any Google branded fridges, so I think this must be a first from the guys at Mountain View! Even Google's Store doesn't have any fridges on sale, but hopefully they'll be added soon to their product range so we can order a couple and also take advantage of their special offer on free shipping via UPS 🙂

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