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Selling Enterprise Solutions to the US Federal Government

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Lately we've seen the job postings for various verticals from travel to automotive and TV to telecom, but now Google is on the lookout for sales engineers and representatives plus someone to head their Washington-based, Federal Sales Team which is part of Google Enterprise. So what's Google selling the Feds? Apparently, the ideal person for the post of Federal Sales Team lead, is expected to "deliver the same technology that powers Google's award-winning search engine to leading corporations and government agencies". And where exactly would this tech be used, well it's been hinted that deployment would take place at corporate intranets, extranets, and public websites. Sounds interesting…

After having a quick glance at what sales engineers and representatives on the Federal Sales Team were required to do, I've figured out that, Google Earth Enterprise (GEarth) and the Google Search Appliance (GSA) will be the focus products targeted at governmental agencies by Google. But it would be an understatement to say that, Google is trying to entice potential clients in the federal government with just GEarth and the GSA. I don't think so, I believe there's more to this (OneBox may have something to do with this) than what's up at the jobs page on Google because for starters, the think tanks at Google's Federal Sales unit have already identified an interested buyer and possibly an existing customer — the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).


And there's some major bucks to be made since Google is looking at about $30K to 100K as a result of the sales of these enterprise solutions, some of which might still be in development, others at the pre-launch phase or as active releases.


According to the job advertisement, sales engineers are required to "visit customers throughout the US and internationally and building a quick rapport with them", it seems that Google has warmed up to flexing agressive yet innovative marketing tactics to US government facilities based around the globe, like their National Weather Service Pacific Region HQ in Hawaii and the US 5th Fleet headquartered here in Bahrain, who would both be prime candidates for Google's GIS applications given their strategic locations!


This line of enterprise mapping solutions, involves operating within Linux environments and possessing knowledge of common data formats for vector, terrain and imagery data types plus the ability to work with some of the popular systems out there such as ESRI, MapInfo, Oracle Spatial and the like. Since Linux has been mentioned in several advertisements for federal sales team positions, and is also being used for these enterprise solutions, does that mean the DoD and the other fed agencies might be having open source systems in their working atmosphere to a certain extent? 😉


Ok, I must stress that these jobs aren't just for anyone because the job requirements don't come off as being easy to pull through, as the bottom line is that one needs to have previous experience of selling enterprise solutions to federal agencies. And that's not all either, a summary of the prerequisites to these positions are:

a) A strong federal contact base, demonstrable familiarity with common contract vehicles and sales methods.
b) Proven track record of selling, building, and/or deploying technology solutions to the US government. (sales reps)
c) A minimum of 2 years selling experience in hardware/software sales to the Federal Government. (sales engineers)
d) 8+ years outside sales experience in the Federal space. (team lead)

… and most importantly: Security clearances preferred.

Added to all of the above, Google is also seeking a Washington Policy Counsel to handle U.S. federal government relations and public policy issues in a dynamic and growing business environment. Considering that, "the Policy Counsel will be part of a closely coordinated global team, and will be expected to lead initiatives of central importance to Google's mission", this position, would be one that complements the Federal Sales team. It was good to note that for this position, "Google is also willing to consider outstanding public policy professionals who are not lawyers".


I wonder how far the case against Google by the Department of Justice will go and for how long? 🙂


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