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Google Local Renamed Back to Google Maps

Our pals at Google have renamed Google Local back to Google Maps. Seems like this change happened late yesterday because on April 19th, a day earlier, Google's cache
shows that the domain – local.google.com still showed 'Local' among the top tabs of the search engine, local.google.com had the Google Local logo as well.

However, late last night (US time) and early today morning (03GMT), when I typed in local.google.com I was shown the Google Maps logo instead along with 'Maps' in place of the 'Local' tab.
A few months ago,Google renamed Maps to Local — asof April 14th, Google's cached showed maps.google.com as Local, and now they've switched it around. I guess they've done this so that their geo-coding & mapping features could be rightly called as Google Maps, and their Local Business Center, which is an addon facility to Maps, would sound best as Google Local.

Now more proof of Google having made this interesting name change between last week and this week is that, Google's Local for Mobile (GLM) service now points to the Google's Maps for Mobile (GMM) service page. Looking back at Google's cache for GLM on April 12th, you could see that their tag line image on GLM read as:

"Take the power of Google Local with you on your mobile phone".

This tagline on the GMM page has been changed to:

"Take the power of Google Maps with you on your mobile phone".

It's possible that the migration of Google Local to Google Maps would have taken place sometime between last week to this week, because both the GLM & GMM pages have the Google Maps (beta) logo. The other noticeable change is that the requirements on GLM's homepage, a one liner at the bottom which stated "Google Local for mobile works with most new Java-enabled (J2ME) mobile phones" while the requirements on GMM's homepage has it as "Java-enabled (J2ME) mobile device with data plan. Carrier charges may apply."

This just might be Google's effort at halting the confusion some folks have had with getting adjusted to the first name change — from Google Maps to Google Local, well to me it sounds like some people, I for starters got used to the name change… and now with it being switched around will cause more folks to go through the whole familiarization process again.


April 21, 2006 - Posted by | beta, Recent Observations, Service & Product Launches


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