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Financial Aid, Students & New Tech Interests

The countdown has started and the deadline is almost around the corner for Google Scholarship Program applications while the Internet giant is shopping at universities in Canada to staff it’s new RnD office and although the Aussie graduate — Ori Allon and his search engine algorithm have been snapped up by Google, but it doesn’t stop there as new data surfaces on Google’s interest in a product developed by Israel’s top hi-tech expert.

In less than 48 hours, applications for Google’s offer of financial aid to the HCF (Hispanic College Fund) for Compute Science/Engineering Master’s and PhD students will come to a close at the start of the weekend (April 15th), so if you’re interested in getting atleast $5,000 in tutition fees/individual awardee of the $100,000 Google Scholarship Program,then you’d need to act fast and apply here ASAP!

Last Summer, Google acquired ReqWireless, a Canadian mobile-tech startup by University of Waterloo (UW) graduate — Roger Skubowius, who was then pulled in as a Googler. ReqWireless is specialized in creating applications for viewing e-mail and web content on various wireless devices. A month ago, Google sent in Craig Nevill-Manning who is their Chief Engineer and Director of the Manhattan office to the UW campus to host a geek party-style career fair titled “Let’s Talk”. According to the article –‘Waterloo Welcomes Google‘ in IMPRINT which is the UW Student newspaper, ‘the purpose of the event was to extend an invitation to UW students to apply to Google openings in Waterloo and their other offices, as well as to feed the curiosity of attendees interested in hearing about Google’s existing and upcoming technology‘.

At the event, Joanne McKinley, one of the staff members of Reqwireless before the Google purchase, revealed that Google’s Waterloo office is seeking talented generalists; competent; able people to fill engineering roles and in reply to one of the questions, Craig stressed that the Waterloo office will primarily start out in mobile applications technology such as Google SMS searching and Google Maps on cell phones, but the office has the potential to grow into other technologies over time.

I went over to the Google Jobs site and found an opening for a Mobile Wireless Application Developer at the Waterloo office. There is no job description mentioned but just the following requirements:

  • BS/MS/PhD. in CS or equivalent.
  • Extensive experience programming in C/C++ and Java.
  • Development experience with handsets/carriers in the US/Europe/Asia markets is a plus.
  • Experience in J2ME / Symbian / BREW/ Windows Mobile / PalmOS and other mobile environments/languages a plus.

The ReqWireless toolkit was built on the J2ME platform and apparently they are no longer being sold as the following notice was seen on their FAQ (due to the Google takeover?):Reqwireless WebViewer, EmailViewer, HotViewer, and GotMailViewer are no longer available for purchase.

Sounds like Google is beefing up their tech operations in Canada to complement their sales office in Toronto, it’s a possibility that we might be seeing something simillar to Mobile Ads in Canada, probably another adventure where Google may expand ReqWireless’ already-developed toolkit to serve up advertising content to mobile devices via SMS & MMS while Google Maps/Local may have a certain role in a future product or service release.

The Orion Allon & popular algorithm hype is still not over and Google is aready interested in a technology product that may complement the Google Earth service. In an interview last week to Globes Online in Israel, Victor Shenkar, the CEO of GeoSim Systems revealed that Google was interested in technology that they had developed which focused on modelling the world virtually in 3D fashion. Considered one of Israel’s foremost high tech experts, Victor Shenkar, is also the founder of GeoSim Systems and leads the company in creating precise three-dimensional models of cities around the world, and in developing city-model based applications for professional users, business customers and entertainment.
When asked whether he considers Google Earth as a rival, he replied:

”Google Earth provides perfunctory aerial photos of the globe that enable identification of unique and prominent buildings only. Google itself has realized that its product is not the same as ours and they are interested in our technology.”

One of the events where this new development may be discussed is at GeoWeb 2006 in Canada during the month of July this year, so it would would help to keep an eye out on what happens at that conference where GEarth’s CTO will be doing one of the keynotes alongside workshops on KML and Google Maps Mashups.


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