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Voice Interface for a Search Engine – Patent Won!

5 years ago, Google filed a patent for Voice Interface for a Search Engine and today they were granted the patent! According to the abstract at USPTO, the voice search engine is described as system which provides search results from a voice search query. The system receives a voice search query from a user, derives one or more recognition hypotheses, each being associated with a weight, from the voice search query, and constructs a weighted boolean query using the recognition hypotheses. The system then provides the weighted boolean query to a search system and provides the results of the search system to a user.

In November last year, I had put together a guide of google services at the time in blog-fashion and had listed the Google Voice Search (GVS) which was an early candidate of Google Labs. Since the patent was filed in Feb 2001, the Google Voice Search was tested in 2002 as a demo, but soon afterwards the service was discontinued for unknown reasons. Google's Research Publications, which details papers written by Googlers, lists a paper in PDF format by Alex Franz and Brian Milch (CS Department at University of Californmia, Berkley) titled: Searching the Web by Voice.

When GVS was an active demo, it used to work by following the steps below:

1. Pick up the phone and call the automated voice search system at (650) 623-6706.

2. After the prompt Say your Search Keywords, say your query to the system.

3. Click this link and a new window will open with your voice search results.

4. Say another query, and the new window with the search results will be updated with the new results.

It just might be the right time that GVS is coming out, given that we have Google Mobile Ads now along with Click2Call, plus all the other offerings by Google at <a href="http://mobile.google.com">GMobile</a&gt;


April 12, 2006 - Posted by | Googler, Patents, Service & Product Launches


  1. This may just be the way ahead,although it seems far fethched. But with Google’s capability, some impossible things are looking more possible as days go by …

    Comment by lifejuoy | April 12, 2006

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  3. Right on Lifejuoy! Nothing is impossible, and hopefully the GVS demo will become active once again, looking forward to the announcement on either GTalk’s blog or the official one.

    Comment by Angelo Embuldeniya | April 12, 2006

  4. Not bad, Web 3.0 Perhaps. It’s not really gonna make much difference into our search life though:D

    Comment by Chrono Cr@cker | April 12, 2006

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  6. Funny, Ask Jeeves had a working internal prototype of this in late 2000 or early 2001.

    Comment by Jimbo | April 13, 2006

  7. Chrono, web 3.0 it might be, but i really think if we were to put GVS + Click2Call + GoogleLocal & GoogleEarth together is one extensible mashup, it would be great for disaster relief efforts where:

    a) use voice to search/retrieve coordinates/information/etc.
    b) click2call for those in distress to get in touch with aid agencies, search and rescue crews
    c) google local/google earth for plotting coordinates, using geo-coding to aid airlifts/aid drops, etc.

    Jimbo, that’s good to know, got a link to the Ask Jeeves proto?


    Comment by Angelo Embuldeniya | April 13, 2006

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  9. It would be nice for this patent and recognition/search tchnology to be applied to a version of the current google website interface.
    Utilising the technologies already present in the Mac OS X operating system as well as the upcoming Windows Vista, one could easily imagine ‘voice searching’ and ‘voice browsing’ the internet.
    A java application able to do this combined with the ajax technology could yeild instant in-line results on any platform, including sun’s desktop os and even java capable mobile phones.
    The ultimate in lazy browsing.
    p.s. I just found this blog and love it. Hell I love Google, hence why I like your blog too. Keep up the good work, both you and google 😉

    Comment by Pingspike | April 19, 2006

  10. Oh, just remembered, Imagine integration into google talk and conferencing. Say you want to share a discovery with friends or the conference participants (work meeting ?).
    “Have you seen we are in the local news this week ? Yeah i’ll google it for you now, hang on a sec…”

    “Computer(bit too star-trek huh ?), google search, news ”
    Browser opens, loads search results from query sent to page by gtalk..
    “select result 1”
    Opens page to display the news article of the local newspaper from th town named and displaying the article of the company named. To all participants of the conference.
    “great publicity! I’ll sign the deal for next years project expendature, and double it!”
    Excelent real-time global interaction.

    Comment by Pingspike | April 19, 2006

  11. Thanks Pingspike for the kind words:P this blog is pretty new 😀 but looking to staying around for a long time.

    As for GVS, I think that may be a hookup for it with CL2, Click2Call and Google Enterprise… we're looking at a personal organizer and management tool along with advertising via voip and search results powered by voice. Possible that CL2 could be having a search date by voice option soon.. again the api of cl2 needs to get our first..

    Comment by Angelo Embuldeniya | April 20, 2006

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