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A Summer of Speaker Sessions by Googlers

Looks like we're in for a treat over the next few months & this summer is going to be filled with exciting demonstrations and talks by Google. Canada, Singapore & North Carolina are just some of the locations on the map that will be seeing the likes of Googlers' presentations.

Next month at the ChannelAdvisor Marathon 2006, Google's Michael Adelberg, a  Strategic Partner Development Manager for Google Local will be presenting a case study titled: "Search, Froogle, Base – What You Need to Know About Listing with Google". ChannelAdvisor, a provider of channel management solutions for online sales and auction sites, will host its third “Marathon” conference on May 3-4 in Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center located near Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. 

And in June, Marissa Mayer, Google's first female engineer and VP, for Search Products & User Experience will be a guest speaker at iX 2006 (Infocomm Media Business Exchange) which is Asia’s largest infocomm and media event in Singapore.

Come July and Google Earth & Google Maps will be the center of attention during GeoWeb 2006 — the first-ever conference where hundreds of GIS professionals will come together to focus exclusively on consumer-oriented, enterprise, and government technologies and the Internet in Canada this summer. The CTO of Google Earth (Gearth), co-founder of  Keyhole and Gigapxl Project team member, Michael Jones, will be one of the keynote speakers at the 4-day conference and some of the workshops that Google will be conducting revolve around Google Maps Mashups,  Google Earth & KML. 


GeoWeb 2006 which is being held at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, will focus on the convergence of eXtensible Markup Language (XML), Web services, and geographic information systems (GIS). The conference website describes the GEarth & KML workshop as a unique one that focuses on the widely known technology associated with GEarth. This includes an overview of KML syntax, the ability to link GEarth to a Web Feature Service (WFS) and the connection between KML, GML and the GeoWeb.

As the gold sponsor for the GeoWeb event, Google is being offered an exhibition booth, 3 of their folks get courtesy tickets/registration packages and they wil be given full exposure to conference participants during one of the six coffee breaks at GEOWeb 2006. It's also interesting to note that Microsoft is the Platinum sponsor for GeoWeb 2006, but what's the main difference between Google's sponsorship offer and Microsoft's? well, MS does get an actual role on the conference's planning committee along with a bigger exhibition booth. 😉


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