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Google Produces Ads for Mobiles in Japan

Well apparently, Google have started producing and distributing advertisements for mobile devices in Japan according to sources (thanks to jinBN for the hat tip) at Google’s Sales & Engineering office in Tokyo and in a official capcity, this was confirmed in a press statement about 3 days ago. But then, a day before the official press statement came out, a googler in the US let the cat out of the bag during an interview with Bloomberg which took place on April 6th at the CTIA Wireless 2006 trade show in Las Vegas — Deep Nishar, a Google product manager, was quoted as saying that “Mobile internet usage is fairly high” & that Google have had a fairly successful trial of mobile text ads in the country.

The new service is called Google Mobile Ads. Users can make phone calls to advertisers by clicking the “telephone” link shown in search results. It is the mobile version of AdWords, in which the ads displayed vary depending on the search keywords typed.

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Google Launches Doodles Contest in the UK

Children in the UK have the opportunity to have their talented works of art featured on Google's homepage. The competition known as Doodle4Google encourages school kids to design a Google page that explains what it means to be British. One of the main aims of the competition is to demonstrate how the youth views modern Britain

30 doodles will first be chosen by a panel of experts and then folks on the internet can vote for their favority 3 doodles while Dennis Hwang, who's the web developer that designs Google's special homepages, gets to have the final say and pick the winning doodle.

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